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STEP, Ltd. is an innovative corporation chartered in 2003 to provide customized ancillary support and services to the agriculture industry and its leaders.

STEP: Seed Technology Education Program

Seed Technology Education Program, STEP understands that the world of agriculture relies on advancements in technology just as much, if not more than other industries. As with any technology-strong industry, the agriculture community is a fast-paced and ever-changing one.

With that fast pace comes the challenges of keeping your customers, and even dealers and distributors abreast of the requirements and obligations that come along with the benefits of technology.

That’s where STEP comes in! We’re here to understand your challenges and work directly with you to customize a program that fits your needs, as well as be a resource for your customers and dealers; a “one-stop shop” for all stewardship and compliance needs.

STEP headquarters are located within the City of St. Louis, Missouri in the historic Soulard District. Supported by a full-time staff dedicated to the business, as well as trusted seasonal representatives, we are able to address your needs promptly and professionally; no matter how large or small.

With agribusiness roots going back nearly 15 years and keen anticipation for the future, we maintain our in-depth knowledge by continually working out in the field throughout the country, in and around agriculture. Our reps average about 2,000 + farmer and dealer contacts per year.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. We would be more than happy to speak with you!


About Us

Providing services and support exclusively to the Agriculture Industry, STEP works directly with key Seed Trait Providers and their retailers, dealers, and farmers, representing many agricultural companies throughout the United States.


Stewardship is only a STEP away! No matter how big or how small, we provide the customized support that the agriculture industry can count on. Click below to read more about what STEP can do for you and your efforts.



STEP not only has a vested interest in the agriculture industry, but it is also our passion! This section is intended to provide various industry resources, along with information on how STEP supports the industry whose success is critical to feeding the world.