Grower Technology Licensing

Grower Technology Licensing

Growers who wish to grow crops from seed containing Technologies owned by a Trait Provider must complete a Seed Technology Use Agreement for that Company. Our clients, along with other Trait Providers have engaged with the AgCelerate stewardship electronic registration platform. 

The benefit for you, as a Grower and your Seed Supplier, is that you can utilize this “one-stop-shop” for your various License Agreements. Start with registering for a new agreement, update your existing one, and designate your preferred seed suppliers who can access the valid agreements for their seed sales to you.

Having a valid and up-to-date Technology License Agreement assures that you receive timely information on your terms & conditions, marketing program information, and qualification and/or rebates for which you may be entitled. 

STEP has experience in educating and supporting various needs relating to Grower Licensing throughout the industry. Feel free to see our “Services” section or email us for more information on how we can help you with your Grower Licensing questions, concerns, and needs.

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