A field of cotton with many white flowers.
A tractor in the middle of a field.
A field of cotton with many white flowers.
A tractor in the middle of a field.


S-T-E-P has the experience, flexibility, and capability to provide customized and dedicated support for YOUR specific needs. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to...

Specializing in Support of Proper Stewardship and Compliance for Today’s Broad

Range of Agricultural Trait Technology Seed

On-Location Visits and Customized, Targeted Training for Your Seed Dealer Network

Grower Visits and Education

Educate and Support Compliance of:

IRM (including On-farm Assessments)

Grower Licensing

Intellectual Property

Proper Sales Reporting

Trait Royalty integrity

Program Integrity and Compliance

Replant, Rebate, Marketing, etc.

Special Projects:

Grain Marketing Support

Inventory Collection and Reporting (on-site visits)

GPS Coordinates

Nothing is too large or too small

For more information on how STEP provides support for these items, please visit our Resources Page or Contact Us for more information.


A picture of an indoor garden with lettuce.

Grower Technology Licensing

Growers who wish to grow crops from seed containing Technologies owned by a Trait Provider must complete a Seed Technology Use Agreement for that Company. Our clients, along with other ...
A person watering plants in the dirt.

Insect Resistance Management (IRM)

An Insect Resistance Management (IRM) plan is mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For continued availability and in order to preserve the benefits of Bt. Corn and Bt. ...
A close up of cotton balls on a branch

Grain Marketing

With the wide variety of benefits the many Traits of today provide, regardless of the Trait Provider Company, STEP strongly recommends and supports the Industry and NCGA’s KNOW BEFORE YOU ...
A group of people holding up their hands with grain in them.

Seed Piracy – Intellectual Property

Saving, reselling, and/or replanting patented seed is illegal and cannot be done without the patent owner’s permission. Additional details can be found on the seed bags and tags. These guidelines ...